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Price: $85.00
(as of Apr 07, 2024 03:13:05 UTC – Details)

High Quality
Snakebite Groove Technology-A new groove design utilizes a re-engineered cutting method that tightens groove tolerances to maximize the groove volume and sharpen the edges to deliver the maximum spin to the ball
Full Face Grooves-Full Face Grooves on the 56, 58 and 60 degree lofts provides maximum spin performance on shots with an open face
3 Grinds Versatile: Versatile, Classic, Wide low-The “versatile” grind features toe, heel and trailing edge relief, the “classic” grind features a progressive sole width from heel to toe and the “wide low” grind features a wide sole with reduced bounce
Progressive Spin Technology-The stronger lofts (50-54) feature narrower, tighter grooves and the weaker lofts (56-60) feature wide, shallow grooves for consistent trajectories between lofts



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