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The perfect choice for golf enthusiasts looking for a reliable and durable set of golf clubs.
The included golf cart bag is designed with ample storage space, allowing you to carry all your essentials with ease. It also features a rain hood to protect your clubs from the elements, ensuring they stay in top condition. The shoulder strap provide added comfort and support while you carry your bag around the course. The set comes with #1 driver with head cover, #3 fairway with head cover, #5 hybrid with head cover, #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #P #S irons and a putter. These clubs are designed to deliver consistent and powerful shots, helping you achieve greater distances and accuracy on the fairway.

14-way top organizer protect your clubs from scratching
Multiple pockets including waterproof valuable pocket and full-length apparel pocket
Allows you to enjoy cold drinks on the course with an insulated cooler bag
Equipped with a glove holder as well as a towel ring
2 holders ensure more secure fixation of the umbrella
Comes with a zippered rain hood to protect the clubs from water
Reduces pressure on shoulder with padded shoulder strap
Easy carrying with top integrated handle, soft non-slip handle and bottom handle
Fits more terrains with auto pop out legs
Includes driver, fairway, hybrid, #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #P #S irons and a putter
Putter made with visual alignment to increase accuracy
Ultra lightweight and easy to control with graphite shafts
TPR grips with non-slip texture bring more confidence with each stroke

Color: Pink/Purple
Golf Clubs Material: Graphite, Aluminum Alloy, Stainless Steel, Zinc Alloy, Metal, TPR
Golf Bag Material: PU
Specification of the Golf Cart Bag:
Base Diameter: 9″
Bag Height: 33″
Bag Height with Rain Hood: 50″
Bag Weight: 4.5 lbs
Specification of the Golf Clubs:
#1 Driver: 56° (lie), 12° (loft), 43″ (length), 330 g (club weight)
#3 Fairway: 57° (lie), 18° (loft), 42″ (length), 345 g (club weight)
#5 Hybrid: 60° (lie), 24° (loft), 49.5″ (length), 380 g (club weight)
#5 Iron: 61° (lie), 26° (loft), 37.5″ (length), 395 g (club weight)
#6 Iron: 62° (lie), 29° (loft), 37″ (length), 400 g (club weight)
#7 Iron: 62.5° (lie), 33° (loft), 36.5″ (length), 409 g (club weight)
#8 Iron: 63.5° (lie), 37° (loft), 36″ (length), 415 g (club weight)
#9 Iron: 64.5° (lie), 41° (loft), 35.5″ (length), 420 g (club weight)
#P Iron: 65° (lie), 46° (loft), 35″ (length), 425 g (club weight)
#S Iron: 65° (lie), 56° (loft), 34.5″ (length), 430 g (club weight)
Putter: 72° (lie), 3° (loft), 34″ (length), 495 g (club weight)
Package includes:
1 x Golf Cart Bag
1 x Rain Hood
1 x #1 Driver with Head Cover
1 x #3 Fairway with Head Cover
1 x #5 Hybrid with Head Cover
1 x #5 Iron
1 x #6 Iron
1 x #7 Iron
1 x #8 Iron
1 x #9 Iron
1 x #P Iron
1 x #S Iron
1 x Putter

Women’s Complete Golf Club Set: This golf club set includes all the essential clubs for a successful and enjoyable golfing experience: #1 driver with head cover, #3 fairway with head cover, #5 hybrid with head cover, #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #P #S irons and a putter. The included cart bag with a shoulder strap and 3 handles is designed to provide versatility and portability on the course.
High-Performance Woods: The 460cc aluminum alloy driver is designed with large sweet spot improves forgiveness for off-center hits while the alloy head ensures a fast hit speed. Made with graphite shafts and TPR grips, these clubs offer enough power and easy control for long-distance shots and accurate swings.
Irons with Stainless Steel Head: The stainless steel irons in this set (#5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #P, and #S) deliver reliable performance on the fairway and around the green. These irons feature high stability with low center of gravity, and non-slip grooved hitting surface gives you more confidence with each stroke.
Putter with Alignment Aid: The top-notch zinc putter with visual alignment is built for enhanced accuracy and consistency on the putting surface, which help you improve your short game and sink putts with confidence.
Convenient Cart Bag: The bag provides organized storage space including 14-way top dividers and 7 zippered pockets for your clubs and gear. The zippered rain hood is also dust-proof and sun-proof, which protects the clubs from the elements. The umbrella holder with 2 holders makes sure you are ready for rain days.



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