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ST-Max 230 Fairway Wood Review

The new Mizuno ST-Max 230 fairway wood delivers impressive distance and forgiveness thanks to key technologies like Speed Bevel for improved turf interaction. Offering a high, stable ball flight along with great feel, the ST-Max 230 is one of the most playable and forgiving fairway woods available today.

ST-Max 230 Fairway Wood Review

An Overview of Mizuno’s Innovative ST-Max 230 Technologies

Mizuno has packed the ST-Max 230 with design elements to optimize launch conditions and forgiveness across the face. The Speed Bevel sole focuses on smooth turf interaction to maintain ball speeds from various lies.

The new Cortech Chamber inside the clubhead boosts stability and feel due to its composite material. Strategic weighting pads move the CG low and deep to inspire confidence with a higher MOI. The modern adjustable hosel enables fine-tuning of face angle and loft.

The Speed Bevel technology is a major highlight, improving how the sole glides through turf. Mizuno precisely grinds a beveled edge along the leading edge and trailing edge of the sole. This relieves the harsh resistance that can rob shots of distance from the deck. Speed Bevel allows the ST-Max 230 to maintain ball speed from the fairway, rough, or tee.

Powerful Distance and Ideal Launch With Slower Swing Speeds

Right away during testing, the high launching, forgiving nature of the ST-Max 230 became apparent. Shots launch with a penetrating angle and land softly on the green.

Slower swing speeds of 80-95 mph see the ideal combination of low spin and high launch for maximum carry distance. Faster swing speeds retain the ST-Max’s high launch while controlling spin a bit more with proper golf posture drills.

Impressively, the ST-Max 230 maintains ball speed across a wider area of the face. Hits that are low on the face, high on the face, or towards the heel or toe don’t see as much loss of distance thanks to the forgiveness engineered into the head. High handicappers will value the distance consistency.

Excelling from the Fairway and Rough Thanks to Speed Bevel

The ST-Max 230 performs admirably when hitting shots off the turf thanks to Mizuno’s Speed Bevel Technology. The beveled sole prevents excessive digging and allows cleaner contact from a variety of lies. The sole glides smoothly through the rough to maintain high ball speed. Approaches to par 5’s in two are now more attainable with the ST-Max 230.

Off-center hits away from the sweetspot maintain excellent ball speed from the fairway as well. The leading edge and trailing edge relief from Speed Bevel mitigate the loss of energy on these mishits. This forgiveness across the face inspires confidence when hitting into par 5 greens in two.

Pleasing Acoustics and Soft Feel at Impact

Golfers accustomed to the feel of previous Mizuno fairway woods will be pleased with the ST-Max 230. There is a solid yet muted acoustics at impact. The ball compresses softly against the face with ideal energy transfer. Vibration is minimized thanks to the lightweight Cortech Chamber inside the clubhead.

The ST-Max 230 provides golfers with pleasing auditory feedback and responsive feel. Mishits are not overly punished, maintaining the sensation of a buttery center hit. The feel matches the forgiveness and playability of this fairway wood.

A Confidence Inspiring Shape and Appearance

The matte blue crown and sleek lines give the ST-Max 230 an appealing look behind the ball. The rounded toe inspires confidence for golfers who struggle with a slice. Aligning the face is intuitive, and the shape frames the ball beautifully at address.

In terms of graphics, Mizuno sticks to a clean and simple visual design. The iconic running bird logo is prominent on the sole with subtle ST-Max 230 branding on the toe. At setup, there are no distracting graphics or logos in sightlines.

Contrast to Previous Mizuno Fairway Woods

How does the ST-Max 230 compare against other Mizuno fairway woods? Compared to the previous ST-Z 230 model, the new ST-Max launches higher with mid/low spin rather than low/mid spin. It is also more forgiving than the ST-Z 230.

The ST-Max 230 differs notably from the ST-G in being more forgiving and higher launching rather than a low spin cannon. Thus it suits moderate swing speeds better than the ST-G. The Speed Bevel improves turf interaction over previous Mizuno fairway woods as well.

Ideal For Moderate Swing Speeds and High Launch Seekers

Mizuno has optimized the ST-Max 230 launch profile for golfers with moderate swing speeds between 80-105 mph. The high MOI makes it an excellent option for high handicap players desiring a more forgiving fairway wood. Low Golf spin helps max out distance without balloon trajectories.

Golfers wanting mid or low spin and a piercing trajectory are better suited to the ST-G. But most players will achieve ideal launch conditions with the ST-Max 230. Those seeking height, playability, and forgiveness will find their perfect fairway wood in the ST-Max 230.

With technologies like Speed Bevel improving turf interaction and forgiveness, the Mizuno ST-Max 230 fairway wood delivers an impressive blend of distance and playability. Moderate swing speeds excel with this high MOI, stable fairway wood. Mishits maintain excellent ball speed for a wood of this size.

Golfers wanting confidence from their fairway wood should give the Mizuno ST-Max 230 serious consideration. Its feel, forgiveness, and ball flight make it one of the most well-rounded fairway woods on the market.

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