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Bridgestone 2024 Tour B XS Golf Ball Review

The new 2024 Bridgestone Tour B XS golf ball is optimized to provide extremely high greenside spin and soft feel for mid to high swing speed players seeking maximum control around the green.

Bridgestone’s latest iteration of the Tour B line utilizes their patented Reactiv X cast urethane cover technology to increase driver ball speed and rebound while maintaining exceptional spin on approach shots and around the greens. Let’s dive deep into Bridgestone 2024 Tour B XS Golf Ball Review.

Bridgestone 2024 Tour B XS Golf Ball Review – Overview of the Bridgestone Tour B XS Golf Ball

The Bridgestone Tour B XS is the newest addition to Bridgestone’s lineup of premium Tour B golf balls. It is engineered specifically for players with swing speeds of 105 mph and above who want to maximize greenside spin and control.

The B XS has a 3-piece construction with a large, soft urethane cover that improves friction and bite on wedge and iron shots. The Active Acceleration Mantle layer and TPU Inner Core work together to increase ball speed and reduce long game spin compared to previous Tour B balls.

Bridgestone’s proprietary Reactiv X cover technology is the key ingredient. It allows the urethane cover to “reactivate” on each impact, improving energy transfer for added ball speed and zip.

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Driver Distance and Ball Speed Put to the Test

Initial launch monitor testing showed the Tour B XS produced slightly lower ball speeds and less distance off the driver compared to the firmer Tour B X.

On average, the B XS generated about 1 mph less ball speed. This translated to a distance loss of 8-10 yards off the tee. Peak heights were also higher with the B XS, suggesting it spins more through the air.

While distance is sacrificed, the benefit comes on approach shots and around the greens.

Dialed-In Spin and Control on Irons and Wedges

Where the Tour B XS truly excels is producing extremely high spin numbers on mid to short iron shots and wedges. Compared to the Tour B X, the B XS created 500-700 rpm more spin on 8-iron shots and 1000+ additional rpm on pitching wedge shots.

This exceptional iron and wedge spin allows aggressive players to attack pins even on firm greens. The ball zips and stops quickly, providing ample control and pinpoint accuracy. There is absolutely no fear of flying greens, even when flushed.

In testing, the soft feel and high spin of the B XS inspired confidence going after tucked flags. Knowing the ball would spin and stick kept pace of play fast.

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Unrivaled Greenside Spin for Precise Short Shots

Around the green is where the Tour B XS separates itself from other premium balls. On pitches and chips, it spins like a balata ball of old.

Shots land soft and chase out a bit before spinning violently back towards the hole. The stopping power is incredible, allowing aggressive plays at tucked pins with less risk of racing by.

The ability to be precise with chips improves scoring. Even average pitchers can get pin high and have the ball stick close to the hole. Master wedge players can utilize creative trajectories and trust the ball will react.

Impressive Durability and buttery Soft Feel

Many golfers fear soft premium balls will shred quickly or scuff up on wedge shots. The Tour B XS cover proved incredibly durable during testing.

Aside from typical cosmetic scuffs, the ball held its glossy finish even after several rounds of use. Groove marks were minimal unless extreme iron or wedge strikes were made. Overall, the soft urethane cover seemed resistant to excessive damage from normal play.

The soft feel not only provides higher spin but gives great tactile feedback on all shots. It maintains the confidence needed to go aggressively at any flag.

Mindset Logo Improves Focus and Alignment

The B XS features Bridgestone’s new Mindset logo, designed to improve focus and alignment pre-shot. The lettering frames the ball at address, giving your eyes an exact center point behind the ball.

Setting up to the Mindset logo forces a player into a full pre-shot routine, regaining concentration on the task at hand. It’s a simple but effective tool to improve mental sharpness.

Conclusion: Ideal for Fast Swing Speeds Seeking Greenside Control

If you have mid or high swing speeds over 105 mph and want exceptional spin and precision around the greens, the Bridgestone Tour B XS is an appealing option. At $49.99 per dozen, it is competitively priced with premium tour balls.

The distance tradeoff on drives is real but necessary to achieve the B XS’s crazy wedge spin. For golfers wanting maximum greenside control, it’s a worthwhile compromise.

If you demand soft feel and aggressive iron play, the B XS should handle those needs in spades. For faster swingers seeking to attack pins, nothing provides greenside spin quite like the new Bridgestone.



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