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Vokey SM10 Wedges Review – Experience Versatile Spin and Flight

Golfers seeking more spin, versatility and forgiveness from their wedges should get excited about the new Vokey SM10 models. As the #1 wedge on the PGA Tour, Vokey designers have packed the SM10s with advanced technologies to optimize ball flight, feel and performance.

Vokey SM10 wedges feature a progressive center of gravity design that moves CG lower and more forward as loft increases. This promotes lower, more controlled flights on full and partial shots. It also provides added forgiveness on shots hit higher on the face. Golfers will launch approach shots high with excellent stopping power, while maintaining lower ball flight trajectories on pitch shots around the green.

Spin-Enhancing Groove Technology

The innovative groove design is the key source of the Vokey SM10’s impressive spin and control. Vokey has implemented a new parallel face milling process called Spin Milled, which uses a CNC mill rather than spin milled cast grooves. The computer-controlled process allows for more complex groove geometries.

Micro-grooves have been cut in between the main grooves using a secondary process. This maximizes synergy between the grooves and urethane cover on golf balls to produce higher friction and spin rates. Golfers will benefit from better trajectory control and the ability to be more aggressive with shot shapes.

Vokey applies a specialized heat treatment to harden the grooves, increasing durability so the grooves last longer. Players can count on consistent spin and performance over months of play.

Sole Grind Options for Any Swing or Conditions

Vokey SM10 wedges are available in six different sole grinds that are proven favorites of Tour pros. This offers versatility to match different swing types and course conditions.

The F grind features full sole contact and a moderate amount of bounce. It’s a great all-around profile for most golfers and prevents digging.

S grind utilizes a straight trailing edge and moderate heel/toe relief. It’s a versatile option that slides smoothly through different turf types.

The M grind has the highest bounce, making it excel out of deep rough and soft sand. It’s a lifesaver for tricky lies.

K grind is a low-bounce model made for firm conditions with a beveled leading edge that easily gets under the ball.

For extreme shotmaking, the T grind has maximum toe relief that sits open at address for pull offs and other curved shots.

D grind is the most rounded profile that performs well through tight lies and hard pan.

Consistent Visual Profile for Better Grind Selection

Vokey SM10 wedges utilize a Constant Wedge Profile that maintains similar shape and topline thickness across different lofts and grinds. This removes any visual bias at address that could influence your grind selection.

Golfers will choose the optimal grind for their game, not simply what looks best behind the ball. Expect better trajectory control.

Lofts Optimized for Modern Iron Sets

Vokey has adjusted loft configurations in the SM10 series to account for the stronger lofts of modern iron sets. Traditional 2° loft gaps can leave yardage gaps with today’s irons.

Options like the 54-08M fill in those gaps with an 8 degree gap from a 46 degree pitching wedge. Lofts in the SM10s range from 46 to 62 degrees.

Golfers can optimize wedge yardage gapping and shot distances throughout the bag. No more tricky in-between wedge shots.

Subtle Draw Bias Removal for Tour Precision

Vokey’s Tour team noticed that some SM8 wedges had a slight draw bias, especially in lower lofts. This has been corrected in the SM10s through a minor center of gravity shift towards the toe area.

Many top players appreciate on-demand shot shaping. The SM10s provide a neutral bias that allows precise shot execution for both draws and fades.

Premium Materials, Finishes and Feel

Vokey SM10 wedges have a solid, soft feel at impact thanks to the premium cast 8620 carbon steel used in construction. The nurbs curvature process precisely sculpts each wedge’s shape.

Golfers can choose from 3 different finishes:

  • Tour Chrome offers a soft chrome look that wears over time.
  • Jet Black provides a dark, matte black appearance.
  • Raw models highlight the silver steel in its untouched state.

The precisely milled grooves generate that signature “Vokey Pop” at contact. Expect buttery feel, excellent feedback and consistent distance control.

Get Fit for Your Optimal Grind

Matching your swing path, attack angle and typical course conditions to the ideal Vokey SM10 grind is crucial for maximizing performance.

Plan to get fit by a professional clubfitter who can analyze your strike pattern and swing metrics. Be sure to test 4-6 wedge shafts to find the optimal weight, feel and launch characteristics.

Bring the turf samples you typically play from to replicate real performance. Find an authorized Vokey Fitting Center via the Vokey Custom Shop Locator.

Investing in a properly fit set of Vokey SM10 wedges will elevate your short game consistency, even for high handicappers. Make it easier to get up-and-down more often.

Vokey SM10 Delivers Maximum Spin and Versatility

Golfers wanting to improve their wedge play and enjoy more consistency around the greens will love the Vokey SM10. Its intelligent technology optimizes spin, flight and feel across a variety of playable grinds.

Advantages like the innovative groove cutting, progressive CG and sole grind options demonstrate why Vokey is the #1 wedge on the PGA Tour. Dialing in your personal wedge setup will tightened shot dispersion and lower scores.

Visit a clubfitter soon to experience Vokey SM10 wedges for yourself. With the right grind and lofts for your game, you’ll be firing darts into a larger target zone and spinning it back more. Expect more confidence on scoring shots and potentially lopping strokes off your handicap. Game improvement starts with the short game!

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